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Student Responsibility

Parental Responsibility


The present day school education system is fraught with several problems. From admissions to awareness about rights and responsibilities, clueless parents are left high and dry. Shiksha Sudhar aims to work together with professionals from Education, Law, IT and Administration sectors to –

  • Bring about awareness among the parent community about their rights
  • Provide end-to-end guidance and assistance in all areas related to educational and legal issues
  • Encourage community partnership for implementation of fair practices and transparent systems.

Here are the services Shiksha Sudhar provides to parents and the community at large.

Nurture Future Generations

The Indian education system represents a large part of the entire population of the world. The future of the nation is shaped in the schools. That places a great responsibility on the education system – a role to play in shaping our future generations. As professionals, educationists, parents, administrators and mentors, we must all continuously explore and improve upon our methodologies and systems to educate our children and help them become better human beings and citizens. The development of technology and changing social scenario demands the education system to evolve to meet the new challenges. That is where Shiksha Sudhar comes in. By being advocates for value based education and learning practices, we endeavor to bring about a revolution in the current school education system with reforms and community partnership.

Empower Education System

Advocacy and support for parents will pave a way for a healthy and empowered education system that truly cares about imparting education rather than fostering money-making ventures with rampant corruption. Beginning with raising voice against an arbitrary admissions process for Kindergarten to grade 12 students, Shiksha Sudhar is dedicated to facilitate the development of a clean and transparent education system in the country.

Raising Awareness

Awareness building is the first step in any change initiative. Parents need to be aware of their rights as guardians of the country’s future and participate in this initiative to uproot the evils in the education system. The school administration has become an all-powerful agent and that needs to change. Shiksha Sudhar is committed to join hands with parents so that every child can get the best education possible. Operating in secrecy, using arbitrary criteria for admissions, forcing parents to buy things such as stationery from them alone, taking advance fee and penalizing parents for not paying on time – this is only a glimpse into the corrupt practices that have crept into school education in the country. Malpractice runs rampant as ignorant parents and students follow the school’s instructions unquestioningly. Often parents do not have access to resources or do not know whom to ask for help. Shiksha Sudhar will provide that platform and professional services to parents and students so that they can get what they deserve.

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